I love ES21. I love it so much that I bought all 37 manga volumes, the artbook, the colouring book, the databook, two "light" novels, and a soundtrack! It's the only manga series I've ever bothered to collect and I'm so very pleased with it. ♥
Anyway, here is my source (and I guess your source) for everything Eyeshield 21! Feel free to like anything you like, and to reblog anything you love.


Support this wonderful series: buy one volume a month! It's only $7.00-$9.00 - 2 dollars a week! Do it! Come on, you need this series on your bookshelves!


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Ebay Sales

While backing up my links, I spotted the link to ebay, so I had a little browse through it and discovered that Baller’s High and PaintJUMP are on sale! The person selling them has 100% positive feedback, so I guess they’re a good person to buy from.

Just thought I’d let you all know. ;P

Sorry For the Absence! Laptop Is Finally Tired of Me

And I’ve missed so many character birthdays! D: I’ll be sure to list which ones so that I can put together a nice little post for them.

Well, my laptop gave me a warning a few weeks back about the battery needing replaced, and since my stuff isn’t backed up (aaaaaahhhh!!), I didn’t want to risk burning out what’s left of the battery before finding a new home for all of my files, so I had to put a halt on all of my computer activities until then.

I have a portable hard-drive now, however, so my files should be safe! I will also have a new (well, not new, exactly - but as good as new!) computer sometime next week; so I’ll be able to get back to updating. :)

I hope I haven’t missed too much! I’ll catch up when I can.



July 19th, 2014: Happy (belated) Birthday, Kotaro Sasaki~! ♥

According to the official data book, his birthday is November 30th, but I will reblog anyway because it is Kotaro.


I had a feeling that his birthday was a bit later on in the year… I definitely should have double checked that. I wonder how many other birthdays I could have gotten mixed up? I guess I’d better go through my own DB and find out…

Thanks for letting me know! :)

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